Win-get package manager for Windows

Win-get is a automatic software installer and package manager for Windows, inspired by Debian's apt-get tool. With win-get, downloading and installing an application to your computer is as simple as:

win-get install firefox

If the installer of your application supports it, win-get can even install your application automatically, so you don't have to click through the setup wizard. This makes win-get ideally suited for unattended installation scripts.


How to use

Just download the win-get package, put it somewhere on your system path. I recommend dropping it in the C:\WINDOWS directory.

After that, go to a command prompt and type win-get install launchy.

Type win-get help for a list of available commands. Also remember that win-get keeps a local copy of the software list. If win-get doesn't know about an application that you can see on this website, run win-get update first.

Win-get is licensed under the GNU General Public License
Win-get and this website are copyright © 2008 by Rico Huijbers
If you want to contact me, you can leave a note on this project's SourceForge support request tracker, or the forum.